You’re smart, driven and you’ve got huge plans - so how’s about we go all in to bring them to life? I’m already your biggest cheerleader, so If you can firmly commit to your own development and learning, I’ll give you the tools, resources, systems and guidance you need to build and grow a tremendous business.

More About The Hats That I Wear...

Kym the Creative Business Coach

As a seasoned entrepreneur (read: been through that wringer a couple of times, made silly money, lost silly money, made more silly money, hired people, fired people, won awards - all that good stuff), I’ve created a tailored coaching programme for small business owners to help them to focus their energy effectively and create actionable strategies to unlock their potential and smash the goals that define success for them. What does that mean in plain English? I help entrepreneurs figure out their next few moves when starting or growing their business, and overcome anything standing in the way of them making more money, having more freedom and loving their life.

During my 10 years as a business owner I’ve faced those challenges that you’re experiencing right now, and have developed tools and resources to help entrepreneurs just like you to leap those hurdles. I'm by your side, helping you to get crystal clear on your brand, apply effective sales and communications strategies, and implement the right systems in your business for seamless operations. The result? You get to build a business you adore whilst achieving glorious growth and revenue goals. #WeStayWinning


Kym the Big Business Consultant

I can often be found with a furrowed brow (aka my ‘concentration face’) in the offices of big businesses across the UK and USA working in a research, creative or communications capacity helping brands to build authentic and long-lasting connections with their audiences.

Nike, Holiday Inn and global entertainment group AEG Presents are just some of the companies I regularly partner with, working closely with them to deliver a better customer experience through live event/experiential marketing, brand campaign activation and employee engagement strategies.


Kym the Speaker and Workshop Leader

I speak regularly at a variety of business and leadership events, as well as hosting/compering at corporate, entertainment and awards events. I’ve been described as energetic, funny, engaging and brilliant at my job (and I haven’t ever needed to pay anyone to say that).

I am happy to tailor my talks and workshops to your specific needs, but I tend to focus on my specialisms - overcoming entrepreneurial challenges, building unshakeable business confidence, becoming an effective leader and developing powerful relationships with big brands.


Kym the Dance Athlete

A little about my past life - I used to be a professional dancer! I developed my dance skills in local youth and community centres in London, and I fought my way into an industry that is notoriously difficult to break. As a result, I signed to Nike as an Athlete for 8 years, as well as working internationally with high-profile media companies and entertainment giants such as Madonna.

I still throw a few shapes every now and then; with appearances across the UK and Europe on TV and for live events as a competitive judge, consulting choreographer and creative director.

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