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Success isn't easy, but it IS achievable

Being the leader of your own thing isn’t easy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be incredible at it! EntrepreNOW is for entrepreneurs who want to do good business and make good money, for those who aren’t afraid of hard work, those who can dig in when the going gets tough and who all want to do BIG things. If that’s you, then become a member today! All of your courses, mentoring and advice come to directly to you from me, Kymberlee Jay; I'm a business owner, an entrepreneur, speaker, philanthropist and a woman dead-set on Making Things Happen.


Lifetime Membership

No hidden fees, no added extras, when you join EntrepreNOW you get online courses, on-tap resources, a community of fellow business-owners, advice and a knowledge bank, questions answered and discussed, a support networking and a sounding board. Basically, the ONLY place you need to come when you want to Make Things Happen. Benefit from my real life, real-world experience of building a profitable global business and learn from my experience as I continue to build international businesses.

Framework for Success

EntrepreNOW will help you grab your business by the horns and make big things happen. It gives you everything you need to get your business exactly where you want it to be. When you join you will gain access to your own member's dashboard with access to all your content, in one place, 24-7. Learn online with a library of courses and apply the exercises to your business as you go, get support and advice in our regular Q&A sessions and round-tables and build a profitable business efficiently.

A Thriving Community

Connect and network with entrepreneurs like you. Those who want to do good business and make good money, those who aren’t afraid of hard work, those who can dig in when the going gets tough and who all want to do BIG things. You will have access our Facebook group - with even more video content, Facebook Live sessions, Q&As, plus interviews and advice from other experts, my peers, people I admire. EntrepreNOW will help you do the work you love and gain financial freedom.

Do the work you love and gain financial freedom

Almost three years ago I started my visual communications company and by being focussed, by being thorough, by understanding the nuances of my market, my product and my audience and through sheer hard work and determination, I have built a profitable business from nothing. With EntrepreNOW, you’ll do the same.

With EntrepreNOW, I will help you
- Gain financial freedom, gain clarity and grow a profitable business.

Join EntrepreNOW

I have gone from being all alone, in my lounge with a laptop, to a team of 12 people across two offices in London and New York, and being recognised by my peers as a rising star with an award from the Black British Business Awards in 2017.

With EntrepreNOW, you’ll do the same, with my support, you too can:

- build a profitable business
- gain financial freedom
- do the work you love
- be your own boss
- eliminate Director Stresses
- make good money by doing good business


Lifetime EntrepreNOW membership; community, networking, peer-to-peer learning, course materials, all online tutorials, access to the Facebook group - the whole shebang. Forever.

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Still have some questions?

Is this for me? How do I know if I’m an entrepreneur?

If you are thinking about running a business, if you are running a business, if you’re juggling a side-hustle alongside a 9 to 5, if you have an idea, if you’re trying to get something off the ground, if you want to blaze your own trail, then you belong in our gang. If you’re not certain that you belong, well let me tell you: you do! Whether you're just starting out or trying to grow, EntrepreNOW is for you.

What is the benefit of EntrepreNOW?

No man (or woman) is an island; no-one is the keeper of all knowledge, no-one has a magic-wand to deliver success. We never stop learning, developing, growing and I’m a firm believer in the idea that you always have something to learn.

EntrepreNOW is there to support you in your life and business learning, for a mere fraction of the price of even half a session with business coach or advisor.

EntrepreNOW is the fire you and your business needs to overcome challenges, get something off the ground or expand. If you’re ready to open your mind, commit to success and make things happen, this is for you.

How do I access EntrepreNOW member benefits?

Simple – become a member and let’s get moving.

You will have immediate access to the exclusive Facebook group where you’ll meet other entrepreneurs at various stages of their careers and businesses.

You will have immediate access to your EntrpreNOW web dashboard, here you will be able to access every course, every guide, every resource document, every video and every mentoring Q&A I ever do. Forever.

First up, is DEFINE, a 13 module course, to work through, at your own pace, in your own time, which is designed to get new businesses of the ground, or give established businesses an opportunity to refocus and grow.

When you sign-up, you’re in. I won’t be tapping you up for add-ons, or leaving your success contingent on spending even more money. One fee, one time

How do I join?

If you’re excited, motivated and ready to make things happen. Sign up before 1 February 2018, and you’ll get everything, forever, for £249.

How long will it take for me to be a millionaire?

Who knows? If you find out the answer to this question let me know! EntrepreNOW isn’t (just) about making millions, although, we’re all in business to make money that’s a given. My motto has always been “do good business, make good money.” “Good business” means different things to everyone, as does “good money” – what I practice in EntrepreNOW is the idea of setting your own goals for success and then achieving them, through grit, hard-work, tenacity, and the practices, processes, strategies and lessons contained in the course.

How does the Facebook group work?

Firstly, it requires that you already have a Facebook profile. Then, after you’ve signed up to EntrepreNOW you will be sent a link to the group, every entrepreneur on the course will be part of the group, and as such will have access to videos that sit alongside the course, as well as advice articles and interviews with some of the people I most admire in business, across all sectors. You’ll have access to this group for as long as you want it, it’s an ideal place to connect, network and talk to fellow business owners.

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